Triebel partners with Creedmoor Sports

German manufacturer of dies and accessories, Triebel, has teamed up with US-based Creedmoor Sports who will be the company’s sales partner in the USA. 

Michael Triebel, head of administration at Triebel said: “We are proud to have a new professional partner for our clients in the USA!

“Creedmoor Sports, Inc. will be our official and exclusive sales partner for Original Triebel Reloading Dies in the USA.

“Our friends at Creedmoor Sports Inc will provide professional service and stay in permanent contact with our headquarters in Germany.

“Many thanks to William Gravatt, Brent Books, John Teachey and the Creedmoor Sports Family for the great opportunity.”


Quality made in Germany since 1948. Triebel’s reloading dies impress with their extremely precise workmanship and the company’s high-quality standard. Triebel Premium reloading dies can be adapted to your personal requirements and wishes thanks to numerous adjustment options. 

Can be used in many common reloading presses.

The outer form of calibration dies as well as bullet setters has either the common inch thread of 7/8″ - 14 course or in the reinforced version (for thick hummers) 1¼" - 12 course.

This allows the dies to be used in the commercially available reloading presses.