Federal Ammunition Awarded U.S. Navy Contract for Mk316

The U.S. Navy has selected Federal Ammunition as a contract awardee for 7.62x51mm rifle ammunition.

“Federal continues to position itself as a trusted supplier for the U.S. Military and Special Operations,” said Peter Gillette, Federal’s Director of International LE & Military Sales. “We are excited for this contract win. It validates the quality of our products, thoroughness of our testing procedures, and dedication to hard work from our American factory workers.”

The cartridge selected during the two-year contract term is the Mk316 Mod 0, 7.62x51mm, 175-grain precision match rifle load. The ordering period is for a total of two years. The ammunition will be produced by Federal at the Anoka, Minnesota facility.

“In general, our match ammunition has a legendary reputation for extreme accuracy, shot after shot, lot to lot. It is trusted time-and-time-again by police and military marksmen,” continued Gillette. “MK316 Mod 0 fits in perfectly with Federal’s history of producing extremely accurate ammunition held to tight tolerances required by strict U.S. Military specifications.”

W: www.federalpremium.com.