Pro-Shot Acquires LockOn Target brand from Tom Ervin

Pro-Shot™, a worldwide industry leader in American-made firearms maintenance, cleaning, and shooting targets has announced the acquisition of LockOn® Target from its founder, Tom Ervin.

Mr. Ervin is an avid shooting enthusiast, who developed LockOn targets with his passion for making every shooter more accurate. The LockOn innovative target designs combine a single point of aim and advanced training solutions for every sight at virtually any distance. The American-made LockOn Target brand aligns seamlessly with Pro-Shot's mission to provide shooters with the most innovative and user-friendly targets available. This strategic acquisition fortifies Pro-Shot's commitment to advancing shooting sports technology and enhancing the shooting experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

By integrating LockOn Target's innovative technology into its portfolio of targets, Pro-Shot™ aims to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that will cater to both seasoned marksmen and newcomers alike.

"We are excited to welcome LockOn Target into the Pro-Shot family," said John Damarin, President at Pro-Shot. "Tom Ervin has done an exceptional job in developing a state-of-the-art target line-up that truly revolutionizes the shooting industry. This acquisition underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and performance to our customers."

Tom Ervin, the visionary behind LockOn Target, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition. "Joining forces with Pro-Shot marks a significant milestone for LockOn Target," said Ervin. "I am confident that Pro-Shot's expertise and resources will propel LockOn Target to new heights, ensuring that our innovative solutions continue to set the standard in the shooting sports industry."

As part of the acquisition, Pro-Shot plans to integrate LockOn Target's technology into its existing product line-up, while also exploring new opportunities to enhance the user experience through advanced training programs and interactive features.

Customers can expect a seamless transition, with continued support and service for existing LockOn Target products. Pro-Shot remains committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, and this acquisition reinforces its position as a leader in the shooting sports industry.


Pro-Shot™ is a leading innovator in the firearm accessories market, dedicated to providing shooters with the best American-made gear to make cleaning faster and easier. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Pro-Shot continues to set the standard in the shooting sports industry.

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