Vortex delivers absolute accuracy

At the range and especially in the mountains, keeping your pack-out simple is huge. Opportunities to fill your tag can come quickly, but advanced ballistic solutions often require a lot of scrambling between pieces of gear.

Vortex has solved this problem for hunters, long-range, and competition shooters by taking its top-tier laser rangefinder and building in an on-board GeoBallistics solver. The ballistic app made popular by serious long-range shooters, GeoBallistics lets you create custom rifle profiles and more.

Heads-up display. Ballistic references charts. Interactive mapping features and a Comp tab to build and save range cards. This highly advanced solver inside the Razor HD 4000 GB lets you create accurate shooting solutions with ease. Combine all this with the Razor HD 4000 GB's superior optical quality, plus Bluetooth connection capability with Kestrel devices (via the GeoBallistics App), and you get an unparalleled level of shot-calling precision in a device that can fit in your pocket.

Weighing just 10.1 oz., the rugged and fully loaded Razor HD 4000 GB delivers the same four target modes (Normal, First, Last, and ELR) and two range modes — Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) and Ballistics Mode (BAL) —high-level shooters and hunters have come to rely on. Built-in environmental sensors (temp, pressure, humidity) in conjunction with the GeoBallistics solver, two wind modes, patented Vortex Wind Bearing Capture Mode, and Full Crosswind Mode make solving ballistic problems fast and easy in any environment or shooting scenario.

Tripod adaptable. Water, fog, and shockproof. Intuitive, easy-to-use menus feature a simple, red, illuminated display that delivers the data you need without a single, unnecessary click. The Razor HD 4000 GB also comes with a premium carry case, utility clip, and CR2 battery.


Key Specifications


Equipped with the accurate GeoBallistics ballistic solver backed by a full up-to-date bullet database. 


Customize ballistic profiles via the GeoBallistics App or use one of three preloaded profiles for popular cartridges.


Features Full Crosswind Mode and the Patented Wind Bearing Capture Mode


Pairs with Kestrel weather meter devices.


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