Breda looks to America

Banshee Brands Inc. has partnered with Italian firearms manufacturer Breda to import, market, and provide sales support into the US market for its portfolio of hunting, competition, sport, and defensive shooting products.

Banshee Brands Inc., the importer of world-class brands for the outdoor industry, including RETAY USA® and Thomas Ferney & Co., has joined forces with Breda Italy to form the Breda America Group. 

The iconic brand was founded in the late 19th century and is based in the historic firearms manufacturing area of Val Trompia, Brescia, Italy. For over 120 years, Breda has combined the latest techniques and technologies in firearms manufacturing with refined hand craftsmanship and meticulous finishing by Italy’s master artisans gunmakers.

“We are excited and honoured to bring this renowned Italian luxury brand to the US market,” Christian Handy, CEO of Banshee Brands, said. “Breda has an incredibly strong international following and combined with our deep sales experience and established distribution, we are confident the brand will resonate with US hunters and competitive shooters, as well as pros in the military and law enforcement.”

Founded in Milan in 1861 by Ernesto Breda, the company began as a locomotive manufacturer and strategical assets as foundry production plants. By the turn of the century, it had grown into the leading armaments supplier to the Italian military, producing everything from small arms to artillery systems and aircraft. Numerous iconic firearms have been OEM manufactured under contract by Breda over the years. Since the beginning of 2000s the company employed innovative engineers like Bruno Civolani, considered the father of the modern inertia shotgun.

Through mergers and acquisitions, many of Breda's divisions now operate under different names, while the private, family-owned arms and munitions manufacturing business retains the Breda designation. This division continues supplying military components and manufacturing both civilian and military firearms.

Today, by drawing on over 150 years of firearms expertise, Breda's designers, engineers, and craftsmen set the standard for Italian luxury brands. Meticulous hand-assembly and superior materials have long distinguished Breda craftsmanship. The B12i-T4 and 930i shotguns are trusted by security professionals and champion shooters worldwide. The legendary durability of the B3.5SM shotgun, which revolutionized semi-automatics over 30 years ago, retains a loyal following among waterfowl hunters today.

As Breda passionately pursues its goal of producing the finest firearms for sport shooters and enthusiasts across the globe, Breda’s future promises to bring even more innovative and desirable firearms to market.

Distributors and dealers interested in carrying the Breda line of shotguns may contact Jesse Highling, Banshee Brands vice president of business development,  [email protected].


Banshee Brands Inc. is a privately held corporation that establishes strategic partnerships with select international and domestic manufacturers. Banshee Brands Inc. provides oversight and management for the US operations of our manufacturing partners encompassing logistics, marketing, sales, distribution, and customer service.