CZ introduces 600 Series rifles

The CZ 600’s distinctive, highly modular design comes with a number of patented features that improve all key characteristics - from reliability, durability and ergonomics to shooting comfort, safety and accuracy. The use of state-of-the-art manufacturing materials and technologies also contributes significantly to its improved design and operation.

The CZ 600 series comes with a new, patented receiver that guarantees 100 per cent controlled feeding of cartridges in all positions, even in the most demanding situations. An additional advantage is its patented, ergonomic safety, which is vertically positioned and allows for completely silent operation. Its reliable, lockable magazine can function as a normal removable magazine or fixed magazine. A hard, durable finish on metal parts resists corrosion and takedown is trouble-free, without the need to manipulate the trigger.

The CZ 600 ALPHA, LUX and ERGO models are guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA at 100 m (three shot groups), with the RANGE model guaranteed to shoot sub-0.75 MOA (five shot groups). The compact CZ 600 TRAIL model is guaranteed to shoot 2 MOA. All models utilize match-grade factory ammunition during testing. Their accuracy is due to the use premium barrels, which are cold hammer forged using CZ technology. Barrel lengths are optimized for each caliber and feature heavy, semi-heavy or light profiling, based on the purpose of each specific model – hunting, sport shooting or hobby shooting. The CZ 600 series features a new, patented trigger mechanism. A single-stage trigger comes as standard and allows the user to set four levels of trigger pull weight, from 6 – 13 N; The CZ 600 TRAIL model comes with a double-stage trigger with four levels of pull weight, from 9 – 15.5 N.

Due to its modular design, users can easily switch to a different caliber from the range for a given receiver size, or switch to a different barrel profile (limited by the stock design). When reassembling the barrel, accuracy is guaranteed after the first cold shot.

Available calibers in the CZ 600 series:

CZ 600 ALPHA – 223 Rem., 7,62×39, 224 Valkyrie, 308 Win., 6 Creedmore, 6,5 Creedmore, 6,5 PRC, 30-06 Sprg., 300 Win. Mag., 8x57IS

CZ 600 LUX – 223 Rem., 308 Win., 8×57 IS, 30-06 Sprg., 300 Win. Mag.

CZ 600 ERGO – 223 Rem., 308 Win., 6,5 Creedmore, 30-06 Sprg., 300 Win. Mag., 8x57IS

CZ 600 RANGE –308 Win., 6 Creedmore

CZ 600 TRAIL – 223 Rem., 7,62×39

Main features of the CZ 600 series

Extreme accuracy

The ALPHA, LUX and ERGO models are guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA at 100 m for three shot groups, and the RANGE model shoots sub-0.75 MOA for five shot groups. The compact TRAIL version is guaranteed to shoot two MOA. All models are tested using match-grade factory ammunition.

Controlled feeding with short ejector

The CZ 600 series combines the best qualities of controlled feed and push feed systems. This simple and reliable patented design delivers 100 per cent user-controlled feed in all shooting positions, and even under the most demanding conditions.

Patented Trigger Mechanism

A newly developed, user adjustable single- or double-stage trigger mechanism with four levels of pull weight that can be adjusted without removing the receiver from the stock.

Unique safety

A patented, easy-to-access vertical safety at the top of the grip is released by pressing down and allows for completely silent operation.

Lockable Magazine

A detachable, double-stack magazine with a “push n click” loading operation contributes to an exceptionally smooth and reliable feeding of rounds. The magazine is easily locked by sliding the magazine release up. When the magazine lock is activated, the firearm changes to a fixed magazine configuration.

Easy change of calibers

The barrel can be easily disassembled and reassembled by the user, which together with the modular design of the CZ 600 series, allows for the easy change of calibers for a given receiver size. After reassembling the barrel, retention of accuracy is guaranteed after the first cold shot.

Superior quality barrel

High-precision barrels with caliber-optimized lengths are cold hammer forged using CZ technology. The barrel features a threaded muzzle for mounting accessories.

Short rotation of bolt handle

Due to the use of a locking system, the bolt handle rotates 60° for quick and comfortable reloading without the risk of hitting the scope. 

Safe disassembly

A spring-loaded button on the right side of the receiver allows for easy removal of the bolt without manipulating the trigger. 

Standardized mounting interface

CZ 600 series receivers are equipped with an integrated Weaver rail (aluminum) or Remington 700 type mounting interface (steel).

Highly Durable Receiver

All CZ 600 series receivers are manufactured from durable aluminum or steel and come with a guaranteed service life of 20,000 shots.

Extremely durable finish

The surface of metal components in the CZ 600 series comes with CZ’s new BobOx chemical heat treatment, which gives it a hard, durable finish that resists corrosion.