Verney-Carron signs contract with Ukrainian company Ukrspecexport

French manufacturer, Verney-Carron, the oldest arms manufacturer in the country and a subsidiary of Cybergun Group, has signed a framework contract with the Ukrainian state-owned company Ukrspecexport for a record amount of €36 million. 

The framework contract provides for the supply of 10,000 assault rifles, 2,000 sniper rifles and 400 grenade launchers. 

The implementation of this framework contract is subject to the establishment of the necessary financing, which may be provided by Ukrainian and French funds, within the framework of an agreement between the Ukrainian State and the Ukraine Support Fund. 

Deliveries of qualification batches are scheduled for early 2024. The first series deliveries are scheduled for 6 months after the execution of the framework contract. The delivery process will be spread over 10 months, allowing VERNEY-CARRON to adapt its production tool to the volumes committed.