Taylor’s & Company Boosts Master Pistol Series with ACE Introduction

Included in the Master Pistol Series, the ACE is a compact snub nose revolver based on the 1858 Remington model. A classic blued finish with a brass trigger guard compliments the short 3” barrel length making it a more comfortable pistol to carry. The ACE has an overall length of 8.38 inches and it weighs in at just 38 ounces. That’s incredibly light for a steel-frame revolver. The ACE is offered in Black Powder .44 and a conversion cylinder model to shoot smokeless .45LC ammunition. The ACE comes standard with a fixed front blade sight and a rear notch for quick target acquisition. This firearm is available with three grip options: checkered walnut, smooth walnut, and white PVC. 

“The ACE’s ammo flexibility has transitioned into a huge demand for it already this year,” says Rob Girard, VP of Sales & Marketing, Taylor’s & Company.  “Besides the standard .44-caliber black powder format, it accepts a 6-shot .45 LC conversion cylinder (sold separately).  This is huge these days when certain calibres of ammo are impossible to find.”

Available models:

Item: #341PIE Grip: Checkered Walnut        Caliber: .44

Item: #342PIE Grip: Smooth Walnut             Caliber: .44      

Item: #343PIE Grip: White PVC                     Caliber: .44

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