Take inspection to the next level

No complicated changeovers, no moving sensors, very few moving components and complete dimensional and visual defect detection at 400 cases per minute. A spokesperson from the company told Gun Trade World that these are just some of the reasons a leading, global ammo producer chose the Gi-100DT for controlling the quality of its ammunition pistol cases. (9mm, .40, .45, 10mm and .380s).  

The Gi-100DT high-speed inspection system utilises a simple rotating glass table to transport ammo pistol cases, making it, according to the General Inspection team, the fastest part-to-part changeover in the industry. The glass dial moves each pistol case past a comprehensive series of cameras from above, below and from the side providing complete dimensional inspection and visual defect detection.  

The flexible Gi-100DT inspection system comes standard with three cameras: Top, Bottom and Side to measure and detect visual defects at rates exceeding 400 cases per minute. In addition to the standard cameras, a 360-degree outer diameter visual defect detection camera called AxialViewer plus a 360-degree internal diameter surface defect detection camera called InternalViewer were added for complete ID and OD visual defect detection capability.  

The Gi-100DT sorting machine provides the ultimate performance for pistol cases, ammunition cups and primers. The unique, simplified part handling automation provides extremely fast part changeover and its comprehensive sensing technologies provide complete part inspection at higher than production rates. 


•       360-degree dimensional inspection Top/Bottom/Side

•       360-degree surface defect detection both Inner and Outer Walls

•       Head Stamp Verification

•       Flash Hole Diameter and Concentricity

•       Primer Pocket Diameter and Concentricity

•       Mouth Wall Thickness

•       Mouth ID and OD

•       Mouth Damage 



General Inspection LLC manufactures a complete line of gauging, sorting and inspection systems incorporating: Laser, eddy current and vision technologies for dimensional measurement, determining metallurgical defects as a method for achieving zero defects. Gauging, inspection and sorting systems assure quality in product size, shape and structure. In today’s zero-defect environment, the quality of your inspection technology is a critical factor in your ability to compete.

In 1991 General Inspection started manufacturing 100 per cent sorting machines designed for fastener and screw machine part manufacturers. In 2003 General Inspection performed a complete overhaul of their machines and introduced six new systems. Research and development remain key to General Inspection’s success. All new developments are state-of-the-art and continue to revolutionise inspection technology. 

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