New alliance between FACE and One With Nature Expo

The partnership, in the context of the FACE Patron Programme, will see OWN join FACE as the latest Gold Patron and see both organisations assist each other to achieve their goals.

OWN will be the world’s largest nature exhibition in 2021, which takes place from 25 September to 14 October 2021 in a Covid-19 approved/safe environment. The event builds on the first national hunting exhibition in Hungary that was held in 1871 and was primarily a specialist forum for hunters. 

To mark the 100th anniversary of that event, the World Hunting Expo was held in Budapest in 1971 where some two million tickets were purchased. That event presented the role of hunting and the multi-faceted relationship between people and nature, a memory that abides to many present-day hunters, nature lovers and conservationists. It is therefore understandable that on the Expo’s 50th anniversary, it will be remembered with a commemorative year this autumn.

For 2021, OWN is preparing a substantial and diverse series of programmes, the main event of which will be the internationally important central exhibition at the HUNGEXPO exhibition and conference centre in Budapest. This will not only be a major hunting and nature fair, but also an exhibition showcasing and using state-of-the-art technology (AR, VR, etc.). 

The Exhibition will use the latest technology to authoritatively and expressively present to the general public and relevant specialist audiences the values related to the sustainable use of nature. Countries that accept Hungary’s invitation to officially attend will be able to showcase themselves on their own stands, creating a unique opportunity to network and meet new people from around the world.

FACE says that it is proud to support a patron, whose most important goal of the Exhibition is to raise awareness across society for those interested in conservation and nature. The Exhibition will contribute to enabling people to better understand the need for nature conservation, the concept and purpose of the sustainable use of nature; and the importance of hunting and game management.

General assembly

With its members, the national hunting associations in 37 countries, FACE is a valuable partner to help promote and engage in this event. FACE is already delighted to announce that its General Assembly will take place at the opening of the event. This will ensure the presence of the heads of Europe’s national hunting associations.

Government commissioner of OWN, Dr Zoltán Kovács said: ”The Exhibition will be a complex, museum-like “attraction” with many messages to the public. Each of the themes we process carries a very important message – one that we, the organizers, have already articulated in the name of the Exhibition itself: man – be it a hunter, a forester, a fisherman, a hiker or anyone – will-always be one with the nature.”

President of FACE, Torbjörn Larsson, welcomed the new partnership in the context of the FACE Patron Programme. Speaking after the agreement, he stated: “I am delighted to welcome the One with Nature (OWN) exhibition to the FACE Patron Programme, which will benefit both organisations and contribute to our work in maintaining a strong future for Europe’s hunters. FACE is looking forward to promoting this event, which will help to showcase the important role of hunting and conservation in Europe and globally”.


As an international advocacy organisation, FACE actively represents the interests, values and needs of Europe’s national hunting associations, composed of seven million hunters.