Joy for eyes – relief for neck and wallet

Delta, the European optics experts known for top performing rifle scopes glass, have come up with another refined piece of kit.

Delta-T binoculars offer the user optical excellence with a built-in, sophisticated rangefinder. The Delta team says that the optics are superb. 9X magnification is just right, meaning you can find targets at long range and still hold steady to aim.

The beam divergence enables consistent measurement, even with some wobble.

The 45mm objective is fluoride-ion glass for true colours and high-quality coatings and a smart optical system delivers a crisp image with fine detail – ideal for finding tiny features.

The built-in rangefinder calculates target distance (precise to 1m at 1,000m), angle of inclination (accurate to 1°), vertical offset and equivalent horizontal range.

A South African hunting expert commented: “Works well to 500m in all conditions. Keeping binoculars very still it measures easily to 750m. Past 750m conditions need to be perfect (clean air and very still). With everything 100 per cent we used it to 1,800m.”

Delta knows its customers and these binoculars are built for tangible use: Strong, lightweight, magnesium-alloy chassis in rubber armour. Waterproof and fog proof.

This is the finesse of a fine instrument with the build of a tough piece of equipment. 


Delta was founded in Poland in 2002. It is still a family company, quietly designing and making fine optical instruments. As a supplier to the Polish Mountain Rescue Team and other uniformed services, Delta takes pride in its reputation throughout Europe and are recognised by numerous awards.