IWA Studio Edition Creates Industry Buzz

Recently the IWA Studio Edition brought the industry together in a unique virtual event. The live stream of discussion panels, product launches and infotainment attracted around 5,000 participants to the virtual auditorium.

More than 40 companies, including market leaders, traditional brands and newcomers alike, helped shape the program and brought along a few surprises. The speakers and moderator Matt L. Beadle created a real community feel and stoked anticipation for a reunion at IWA OutdoorClassics 2022.

"What a celebration for the industry! IWA Studio Edition proved that the IWA community sticks together - and stays on the ball with innovations, passion and optimism for hunting and shooting sports," says Rebecca Schönfelder, Executive Director IWA OutdoorClassics, NürnbergMesse. 

"I was particularly thrilled by the diversity of the contributions, the courage and creativity of the companies and the many personal greetings from all over the world! I would like to expressly thank all exhibitors, participants and the entire team for the unique experience. We will take this momentum with us for the further activities on the Road to IWA 2022."

International audience in a virtual auditorium

The IWA Studio Edition signalled the start of the "Road to IWA 2022" event series, which bridges the waiting time until IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 with digital and physical events. Around 5,000 participants from around 80 different countries registered to be part of the three-hour livestream.

Viewers experienced a diverse program of ‘events’ in an innovative setting: presenter Matt L. Beadle, who was dressed in various outfits by IWA exhibitor Pinewood, led entertainingly through the program of facts, novelties and stimulating discussion rounds in the Studio Dome, a specially created virtual outdoor stage. Short breaks, DJ interludes and contributions from all over the world provided plenty of variety in relaxed setting. 

Top-class guests in the Studio Dome

Around 40 participating companies and partners had plenty of news to proclaim. Exhibitor UMAREX presented its products at a booth set up especially for this purpose and thus secured a lot of attention. Tammo Lüken, Head of Category Management Hunting & Nature at Zeiss, gave an Expert Talk in the Studio Dome and offered exclusive insights into Zeiss' development work in the field of night vision. Bernhard Knöbel, CEO of Carl Walther GmbH, also personally presented brand insights and news from Carl Walther. The company Savage Arms sent industry expert Jens Tigges (Outdoor Marketing International) into the ring to report on news.

The presentation "No limits: Rifles with Passion" presented some of the noblest gun makers and their highly individual products. But young companies and IWA newcomers also got their chance to make an appearance: at the "Speed Dating with IWA Newbies", newcomers such as Liqui Moly, Rodale, Lockboxx, Tactical Workshop Hoffmann, ICU Server and Viking X put themselves to the audience's vote. After a short pitch from each company, viewers were able to vote and chose VikinX ("Vote the best") as the winner.

Sustainability and retail: what the industry is discussing

Where does the hunting and outdoor industry currently stand in terms of sustainability? This question was posed by top industry representatives in a top-class panel discussion right at the beginning of the event. Among them: Christiane Dolva Törnberg, Head of Sustainability at Fjällräven, Stefan Hämmerle, Member of the Executive Board at Swarovski Optik, Jan Lorch, CSO & CSR at VAUDE, Stefan Meier, Director Marketing & Sales at GRUBE and Martin Fehringer, Director Sales at Steyr Arms.

Together, the experts explored ways to achieve more sustainability, but also described what has already been accomplished. 

Here are some of the keys points that were made…

Christiane Dolva Törnberg, Fjällräven

"For anyone selling goods around the word packaging is a big topic and we need to make sure unnecessary packing isn’t used. There are improvements we can make but there are bigger challenges that also need to be tackled."

Jan Lorch, Vaude Sport

"It is a must to produce and sell suitable products. There is a consumer demand and retail demand to sell sustainable products. The whole supply chain is involved in this subject and has to be involved. The whole process needs to be sustainable, the challenge is to make the whole supply chain sustainable. It’s a transformation process."

Martin Fehringer, Steyr Arms

"Until now this was not a big topic for us as an arms producer but I think it will be now as we look into the future. It’s something that will make us successful in the future. We will look at our process, products and chain to be sustainable, for sure.

After an inspiring three house schedule, IWA DJ Uwe Bell finally rang in the well-deserved weekend with the right motto: "It's beer o'clock". For the participants, this marked the end of an innovative industry event that provided valuable impetus for the coming year.

Road to IWA OutdoorClassics 2022

The IWA Studio Edition is part of the "Road to IWA OutdoorClassics 2022" event series, which includes regular online live talks and events until the start of the trade show in March 2022. 

All activities and events of the "Road to IWA OutdoorClassics 2022" can be found at: www.iwa.info