IWA OutdoorClassics 2024: Celebrating 50 Years of International Business and Innovation

The 50th anniversary of IWA OutdoorClassics, the premier exhibition for the hunting and target sports industry, marked a significant milestone for the global community of business professionals. Held in Nuremberg, Germany, the event showcased the latest innovations and fostered international business connections, reinforcing its status as a leading platform in the industry.

Thriving International Business

With around 40,000 visitors from 120 countries and 1,072 exhibitors, IWA OutdoorClassics once again served as the epicenter for international business. The impressive turnout underscored the event's global relevance and its pivotal role in driving the industry forward. Notably, the 15% increase in visitor numbers from the previous year reflected the continued growth and importance of the exhibition on a global scale.

Innovations on Display

Spread across nine halls, IWA OutdoorClassics showcased a diverse array of new products destined for the international market. From rifles and optics to knives and outdoor gear, exhibitors presented cutting-edge innovations that captivated attendees and promised to shape the future of the industry. The event provided a unique opportunity for industry professionals to explore the latest trends and technologies firsthand, facilitating valuable business connections and collaborations.

The IWA Knife Award

The second edition of the IWA Knife Award highlighted excellence in knife craftsmanship and innovation. With over 50 submissions, the competition showcased the best in the industry across various categories. Winners such as PUMA Solingen and Fox Knives exemplified the commitment to quality and creativity that defines the world of outdoor knives. The award ceremony celebrated the artistry and ingenuity of knife makers while recognizing their contributions to the industry.

50 Years of Success

As IWA OutdoorClassics commemorated its golden anniversary, the event reflected on its rich history and enduring impact. Over the past five decades, the exhibition has welcomed over one million trade visitors from around the world, serving as a hub for industry networking, knowledge sharing, and business development. The milestone anniversary underscored the event's legacy of excellence and its ongoing commitment to advancing the hunting and target sports industry.

Industry Perspectives

Industry leaders and participants shared their perspectives on the significance of IWA OutdoorClassics. From manufacturers to trade associations, the consensus was clear: the exhibition plays a vital role in shaping the industry's trajectory and fostering international collaboration. Companies such as Carl Walther GmbH and RWS GmbH praised the event for its role in driving business growth and facilitating meaningful connections with stakeholders. Similarly, the president of the World Forum on Shooting Activities highlighted the importance of IWA OutdoorClassics as a global meeting place for industry leaders and enthusiasts alike.

Key Takeaways

1. Product Innovation: Visitors commented on the innovative products showcased at the event. Expressing excitement about new technologies, materials and designs introduced by exhibitors.

2. Networking Opportunities: Attendees appreciated the chance to network with industry peers, suppliers, and potential business partners. Feedback highlighted successful connections made and valuable discussions held during the event.

3. Educational Content: Positive comments indicated that attendees found the sessions informative and beneficial to their professional development.

4. Organization and Logistics: Feedback we received found the organization and logistics of the event to have been positive, remarks about the ease of registration, navigation of the venue, availability of amenities and overall event management were passed on to our team.

5. Overall Experience: Visitors overall impression of the event, including its atmosphere, energy, and the overall value they derived from attending was positive, highlighting the event's success in meeting attendees' expectations and providing a memorable experience.

Looking Ahead

As IWA OutdoorClassics concluded its 50th anniversary edition, attention turned to the future with anticipation. The announcement of next year's dates reaffirmed the exhibition's commitment to providing a platform for innovation, collaboration, and commerce. With the promise of continued growth and innovation, IWA OutdoorClassics remains a must-attend event for anyone passionate about hunting, shooting, and outdoor sports.


IWA OutdoorClassics 2024 celebrated five decades of excellence, innovation, and international collaboration. As a premier exhibition for the hunting and target sports industry, the event showcased the latest products, fostered valuable business connections, and honoured the industry's rich heritage. Looking ahead, IWA OutdoorClassics remains poised to drive the industry forward, serving as a beacon of innovation and a catalyst for growth in the years to come. 

W: https://www.iwa.info