H&N Precision Slug .22: A New Option for Long-Range Airgunning

H&N, a leading manufacturer of airgun ammunition, has announced the release of its latest innovation: the H&N Precision Slug .22. This new product is poised to set a new standard in long-range airgunning, catering to the evolving needs of shooters worldwide.

In response to advancements in airgun technology, H&N has consistently upgraded its offerings to meet the demands of the modern shooter. The introduction of the Slug HP range was a significant milestone, followed by the T-Slot Hollow Point for the H&N Slug HP II and the H&N Heavy Slug range. These innovations, featuring an improved T-Slot cavity design, have enhanced performance by ensuring quicker deformation upon impact, delivering sufficient energy to effectively neutralise targets.

As long-range air rifle competitions gain popularity, there is an increasing demand for slugs that provide precision and accuracy, even under challenging wind conditions. Acknowledging this, H&N collaborated with professional shooter Airhunter Gerhard to develop the H&N Precision Slug.

The new H&N Precision Slug boasts superior accuracy compared to its predecessors, with an average Ballistic Coefficient (B.C.) of 0.140. This significant improvement makes the slug less susceptible to wind and ensures a flatter trajectory, enhancing performance in long-range shooting scenarios.

Jörg Siemens, Head of Sales & Marketing at H&N, shared his insights with Gun Trade World: “What's the secret? In short, it is the optimised shape of the ogive and the cavity that raises the B.C. factor. The latter is also deeper than on our first slugs, bringing the centre of gravity to a perfect point for stable flight. Of course, we have added some of our own trade secrets that we can’t discuss but what you surely will enjoy every time you hear the sweet sound of steel ringing! That doesn't mean you cannot use it for hunting. Initially, the slug will only be offered in .22 calibre (.217 and .218) and only in the 33 grain weight version."

In conclusion, the H&N Precision Slug .22 represents a significant advancement in airgun ammunition, designed to meet the precise needs of long-range shooters and hunters alike. H&N's commitment to innovation and quality continues to drive the development of superior products in the airgun industry.

W: www.hn-sport.de