H&N airgun slug development continues

Slugs are the “hot topic” in the airgun world these days. More and more airguns are able to precisely shoot these bullet-shaped pellets, which have superior aerodynamic properties compared to classic waisted pellets. German manufacturer H&N is continuing to expand its offering to retailers.

The idea of ​​making a pellet in the shape of a bullet is not really new. The H&N Rabbit Magnum has been around for years and in 2014 H&N developed the H&N Grizzly from their lead hollow point bullets which they have been making for firearms for decades. However, the diameters, the lead alloy, the hollow point and the base have been adapted to the special requirements for shooting with air rifles. Also, because gun manufacturers use different barrel diameters, barrel profiles, twist rates, and power settings for their guns, there must be a choice of diameters and weights per caliber.

The H&N Slug HP .177

Since the announcement of the first H&N Slug, there has been a call for a .177 caliber variant.  This is understandable, as this caliber is very popular in many countries and in some even represents the legal limit. H&N has responded to this call and has expanded the caliber range accordingly, which now includes .177, .22 and .25.

The H&N Slug HP .177 is designed for long-distance hunting and target shooting with high-performance airguns. It is the only H&N slug that is only offered in one diameter: .1775 / 4.51 mm. The reason is simple: it worked best in all test rifles. The weight variants are 13 grain, 16 grain and 20 grain to have options for different power levels.

The H&N Heavy Slug .25

The new slugs expand the weight options of H&N's already proven .25 caliber slugs, and are designed for hunting tough game and predators such as foxes and coyotes with powerful airguns.

The "Heavies" are available in diameters of .2495 and .2505, the five weight variants are 38 grains, 40 grains, 42 grains, 44 grains and a massive 46 grains. The slugs will of course feature the new advanced hollow point ("T-Slot") design, which combines a large meplat with an optimized cavity. The T-Slot is designed to provide reliable and controlled deformation - for a quick and humane kill.

Like all new H&N slugs, the H&N Slug HP .177 and H&N Heavy Slug .25 were developed and tested in close cooperation with South African professional shooter, airsmith and YouTuber Air Hunter Gerhard.


The roots of H&N Sport go back as far as 1825. In the beginning the business was industrial production of milled lead and lead foil: lead bars were cast in plates, partly by adding tin, and rolled into foil by hand. This was used for lining tobacco tins and tea caddies.

In 1847 Carl Georg August Natermann acquired a former Hann. Münden fortified tower and modified it to a shot tower. Until the 1980s lead shot was produced under the “Lätare” brand name. Apart from this bullets were manufactured since the 1890s.

Since the 1950s, H&N has been manufacturing a wide range of different calibre airgun pellets for the most diverse applications, in addition to round balls for muzzle-loaders and bullets for large-calibre firearms. Production is carried out exclusively on H&N’s own purpose-built machinery.

W: www.hn-sport.de