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German brand Heimdall has released the FOKUS 50 which is both a clip-on and a monocular. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent features of the FOKUS 50 to see if it would be a good fit for your product range.

DUAL USE – Clip-on and Monocular

The FOKUS 50 is two devices in one. The patent pending TRUE-FOKUS technology allows you to observe or to shoot with the highest precision. The change between both modes is fully automatic and can be done in seconds. All this with an outstanding accuracy and repeatability under all conditions.

PRECISE – From the first round

A unique alignment process of mechanical and optoelectronic components guarantees an excellent match with any optics and ammunition from the first round. You can use the FOKUS 50 out of the box as a clip-on and in addition with the integrated electronic fine-tuning set it to even higher precision.

NO SHUTTER – Don’t miss a second

Can you image the moment, ready to shoot, and exactly now the shutter freezes the image? 

We developed a special image algorithm1 and thermal core calibration process that makes a shutter obsolete. In this 48-hour process, for each single device, data over the complete temperature range is computed and stored in the software. Thanks to this no shutter is needed and you are always ready for action. Nice side effect is a noiseless operation. 


Each sensor is calibrated individual with the lens as a system to guarantee best image quality. Sensors from European production for highest reliability and recoil resistance.  

RUGGED – Only highest quality components

The FOKUS 50 is made from high strength 7075 aluminum, each part milled from the full material. For the key electronic components, we work in close collaboration with our European partners with great experience even in military applications. The full rubber armoring is also contributing to an outstanding ruggedness and makes it a great to handle in all environments.

Waterproof and Saltwater Resistant

Each device is nitrogen purged 100 per cent leak checked. This approach for a guaranteed water proofness also prevents internal fogging in cold conditions. All surfaces are anodized or made from stainless steel and therefore resistant to harsh environments.

Efficient – 8 hours runtime with 18650 batteries

The FOKUS 50 uses standard 18650 batteries for up to 8 hours of operating time. The set-up of 2 batteries works redundant, so you can use it with only one battery in place. Keep the second in a warm place until use for maximum operating time even in very cold environments.

Multifunctional Interface

The included industrial grade connector and cable gives you access to the internal storage of 8 GB with photos and videos. It can be used to power the device by USB as well.

The Heimdall FOKUS 50 Unique Selling Points

Thermal Clip-On & Monocular

384x288 Pixel Thermal Sensor with 50 mm Objective

Shutterless HD Sensor System

High Resolution OLED Display

8 hours Operating Time

Photo and Video Function


W: www.heimdall.vision