Gerhard Blenk, the former Blaser owner, passes away

A statement from Blaser:

On 28 March, A statement from Blaser former Blaser owner Gerhard Blenk passed away at the age of 81 in his adopted home of Kelowna, Canada. 
Gerhard Blenk took over the company from Horst Blaser at the end of 1985 and led it as its owner and managing director for almost 14 years.
During this time, the number of employees and the company's turnover tripled. This success was mainly due to the bolt action rifle R93, which was developed under Gerhard Blenk's direction and sold internationally in many variations. Blenk's motto "It is not the big that beats the small, but the fast that beats the slow" proved to be particularly true. In keeping with this motto, Gerhard Blenk also attached great importance to optimising business processes in a pragmatic way.
Another important factor in his business success was Gerhard Blenk's outstanding ability to motivate employees and give them responsibility. He showed a distinctly collegial attitude towards each employee and listened to their concerns.
Gerhard Blenk was not only a passionate entrepreneur, but also an avid hunter. As a very sportive person in top physical condition, his favourite hunts were those, that were physically demanding. Last but not least, it was the experience he gained while hunting that inspired him and thus allowed his company to grow steadily.
Our deepest sympathy goes especially to the Blenk family, all his friends and companions.