EKA – Growing its international footprint

Since 1882 EKA has been designing and creating knives. The company, located in Eskilstuna, Sweden, has fast-established itself with a glowing reputation that has driven it to become one of the best-selling knife manufacturers on the planet.

There are many key events that have shaped EKA into the company it is today. One such example was back in 1968 when the “Classic 6” became the first EKA knife to go into Space and in 1990 a Royal Warrant Certificate was awarded to EKA, by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. After 137 years the company still maintains the same values, standards and ethics that has made EKA an established, successful and sought-after brand, across the world.

In 2016, EKA Knivar AB increased its global footprint and brand exposure, by establishing an office and distribution center in the South Florida (Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Palm Beach) area. This new operation allows EKA to better service, support and supply the North and South American markets. EKA says that it is very satisfied with its decision to expand its global footprint.

The company continually strives to bring to market, premium, cutting edge, best in class products at fair and competitive prices. EKA’s range is currently comprised of products for the avid outdoorsman, tactical & rescue services, culinary experts, collectors and industry professionals.  

Promotional and personalized gifts have also been a large part of EKA’s market and success and for over half a century with the company has been working alongside thousands of global brands such as Volvo, Electrolux, Absolut Vodka, Daimler Benz, Mobil, Coca-Cola, Gulf, Wilkinson, IBM, McDonnell Aircraft, 3M, Nokia and 44,000 others. They have also produced custom knives for the King of Sweden and the former US Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon B. Johnson. With a rich history and strong connections, EKA is a brand that you can trust and is highly likely to be a large volume seller in your retail shop – both in store and online.

Johny Kanaan, the man behind EKA told Gun Trade World: “We are looking forward with great anticipation to EKA’s new presence in the United States and the endless opportunities that are to come.”

EKA says that it looks forward to continuing its rich history and welcomes the future and the openings that is may bring. 

W: www.ekaknives.com