Ek Archery’s reveals defensive capabilities

As a manufacturer of an extensive range of archery products, Ek Archery Research has been in the business of product development in both the sports and hunting sectors of the industry for three decades. It was from this perspective that Ek saw the potential in providing a new range of products for the multi-billion-dollar emergency-preparedness market.  In countries that have strict or prohibitive firearm-control laws, urban survivalists and “preppers” are a large consumer base that lack effective, ranged weapons for defensive purposes.

From Old School to New School

The problem with the sports recurve bow or hunting crossbow pressed ad hoc into a defense role is the two-fold problem of low-rate of fire and the extensive investment of time needed to become proficient in a variety of environments. Punching holes in paper and harvesting game inform the design parameters of modern archery equipment in ways that make it unsuitable for kinetic defense scenarios. 

To resolve these problems Ek Archery built a new platform from the ground up by envisioning how a “non-firearm” device like a crossbow could operate more effectively in a CQC situation. Primarily, the need for heavy draw weights and high velocities are unnecessary as the effective operational range would be within 50 meters. By scaling down the limbs of the crossbow to the threshold of effective bolt penetration the device could become significantly more compact. An interchangeability of quick-change, recurve limbsets in different poundages would allow the operator to tune this carbine crossbow to personal preferences. Eschewing the scopes of hunting crossbows for a reflex-type red-dot sight would allow a new user to develop effective accuracy for defensive short-range situations. 

Resolving the Low Rate of Fire

While there is no doubt that staring down the rail of a cocked crossbow is a formidable deterrent; it is still a one-shot affair. Only with the ability to produce reasonably sustained fire could the crossbow evolve into a true defense platform. Since cocking a traditional crossbow is an unwieldy affair of cranks and ropes, the design team at Ek, inspired by lever action rifles, incorporated a cocking arm into the frame of the crossbow which allows the weapon to be cycled at high speed. The coupling of this cocking lever with an integral top-loading magazine developed by Ek Archery and Jorg Sprave realized the possibility of a true tactical crossbow in the Cobra System R-Series product line.

Leader of the Pack

The Cobra System Adder RX is the first crossbow since the ancient Chinese “Chu-Ko-Nu” that has the ability to lay down continued suppressive fire. However, the similarity stops there, because unlike its underpowered progenitor, the Adder’s magazine holds five 7.5” 190gr. carbon fiber bolts that achieve 270fps. Held down by spring loaded arm, the bolts reliably feed through different shooting positions and the magazine is easily reloaded in the dark or on the move. Introduced this year, a new 2.0 version of the magazine offers an improved seven-shot capacity and is completely compatible with earlier Adder crossbows. 

W: www.ek-archery.com