CZ’s 600 ERGO provides comfort and accuracy

This premium model with a light profile barrel is equipped with a specially designed, fiber-reinforced polymer stock with sophisticated ergonomics, which not only provides maximum shooting comfort but also contributes to its high accuracy.

The Ergo from CZ comes with six of the most popular calibers, ranging from 223 Rem. to the 300 Win. Mag. Optics can be mounted on standardized rails that are integrated on the durable, aluminum receiver. When the magazine lock is activated, the firearm changes to a fixed magazine configuration. A simple modification to the safety mechanism for decocking operation is currently being developed.

The CZ 600 ERGO model has a guaranteed, factory-tested sub-MOA at 100 meters (three-shot groups with match-grade factory ammunition).

Key features

Fiber-reinforced polymer thumbhole stock with soft touch grips

This premium model is equipped with a specially developed fiber-reinforced polymer thumbhole stock, which offers maximum shooting comfort and contributes to high accuracy, due to its sophisticated ergonomics.

Duralumin receiver with Weaver rail

The durable, aluminum alloy receiver is equipped with Weaver mounting rails for the secure mounting of optics.

Light profile cold hammer forged barrel

The length of the light profile barrel, which is cold hammer forged using CZ technology for increased accuracy and service life, is optimized for each specific caliber.

Change of calibers

Thanks to the modular design of the CZ 600 series, any authorized CZ service center can convert your rifle to another caliber from the range for a given receiver size with guaranteed shot retention after the first cold shot.

M15x1 Threading

A standardized M15x1 threaded muzzle allows for the convenient mounting of accessories (suppressor, compensator, etc.

Single-stage trigger with four levels of pull

Pull weight of the patented trigger mechanism allows you to quickly, easily and accurately set trigger pull weight from 6 – 13 N, according to your specific needs.

Sub-MOA at 100 m for three shot groups

The CZ 600 ERGO model is guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA at 100 m (three shot groups using match-grade factory ammunition). Each unit is tested for accuracy during the production process.

600 bolt handle rotation

The bolt handle’s short rotation angle allows for fast and comfortable operation without the risk of hitting a mounted scope.

Controlled feeding

The simple and reliable patented construction of the CZ 600 series guarantees 100 per cent controlled feeding of cartridges in all positions, and even in the most demanding situations.

Original safety design

The patented safety is vertically positioned on the top of the grip for easy access and reliable use. It is released with a quick press down and allows for completely silent operation.

Lockable magazine

It’s up to you how to use it. It can function like a normal magazine or you can lock it and use as a fixed magazine.

Safe disassembly

A spring-loaded button on the right side of the receiver allows for easy removal of the bolt without pulling on the trigger.

Extremely durable finish

The surface of metal components in the CZ 600 series comes with CZ’s new BobOx chemical heat treatment, which gives it a hard, durable finish that resists corrosion.

Available calibers: 223 Rem., 308 Win., 6,5 Creedmoor, 30-06 Sprg., 300 Win. Mag., 8 x 57 IS