Blaser announces R8 Ultimate X

There has been a lot of excitement over the new R8 Ultimate X from German rifle experts Blaser. Here, Gun Trade World looks through the key unique selling points of the fresh out of the box rifle.

For the first time ever, a 10 round magazine complements the legendary R8 bolt action rifle with all its options. Training, competition, driven hunt – it is here where the R8 Ultimate X plays to its strengths. The bolt action rifle for those who want more - experience power times 10 with the R8 Ultimate X.

Left and right bolt advantages 

When shooting right-handed, a left bolt can be used, so that the shooting hand always remains on the pistol grip. By changing the bolt head, the case ejection can be regulated to the left or right without using any tools and while using the same barrel and receiver.

A 10 round magazine 

Depending on the cartridge length, the 10 round magazines feature an adapted bolt catch. The result: minimum bolt travel.

Intuitive grip with all shooting positions:
When repeating fast, a bolt handle extension provides the completely intuitive operation of the bolt handle.

Changing the magazine easily and fast:
The extended magazines can easily be removed by pressing the lateral push-buttons.

Compact, thought out construction:
A new component, inserted between stock and receiver, makes room for the extended magazine.

Made for long-range shooters:
The R8 Ultimate X with Blaser Saddle Mount and Picatinny rail as well as the new Blaser Ultimate BiPod.

Well-protected in any situation:
The Blaser Silencer Cover reduces heat hazes with fast shot sequences and noise when bumping unintentionally while hunting.

Standard or Magnum:
The R8 Ultimate X features a magazine for Standard as well as for Magnum calibers. Both hold 10 cartridges.

Full Power. Full Flexibility.

The thought-out construction of the R8 Ultimate X makes it possible, for the first time, to use both magazines with increased capacity and all other existing R8 magazine inserts.

The Blaser Principle

Born out of passion

Hunting is one of mankind's oldest passions. However, we hunters must constantly equip ourselves for new challenges. This is only possible through innovation and people who drive this with passion.

From partnership

As a leading innovator, we are the driving force in the international hunting weapons industry. Our 50 years of experience have sharpened our senses for sensible technological advances. However, we never lose sight of our ethical obligation.

From enthusiasm

Blaser employees have the same enthusiasm for hunting, but also have a wide range of talents. This diversity in terms of personalities, perfect networking of skills and the joy of collaborative service are the company’s greatest success factors.

With an attention to detail

Blaser strives for excellence in every design and manufacturing step. But true perfection arises only with passion which gives its hunting firearms their character. Innovation coupled with sensitive design is Blaser’s formula for timeless weapon design.