Aselkon takes global view

Aselkon Arms Industry, founded by the Şahin brothers, was established to become a world-leading brand in the machinery and guns Industry. The company, which started out in 2006 based in the historical manufacturing area of Konya, Turkey, started out by producing PCP MX models. 

As time progressed, the company began to branch out and it started to experience strong sales in the shotgun arena with models such as Inter and Redstone.

The company’s continuous investment in R&D, innovation, product development activities and an unconditional customer satisfaction in after-sales services has made Aselkon a rapidly growing brand in the sector.

“We have a good variety and the customer is different for different countries,” says the Aselkon Arms management team.

“The S models are Bull Pup models, similar to these models are MX7 and MX10. There are some other big tube models, these are MX6, MX8 and MX9. Then we also have the camouflage for different models. These varieties allow our customers with different choices and we are very proud of this.”

The majority of the Aselkon 350-person team consists of Engineers, Technical Personnel and R & D experts. In addition, the company is a family of 5,000 people with its after-sales services, Worldwide Distributors, Domestic and International Sales team.


Aselkon Arms products are designed by its specialist engineers in R&D laboratories without being dependent on outside factors, then mass production is started after being tested by experts at demanding shooting ranges. 

At Aselkon Arms, all operations from raw materials to design, from mass production to packaging and shipment to the customer are studiously carried out in its own factory with an area of 40.000 sq/m.

“Aselkon Arms offers users many production methods such as rich colour, pattern, camouflage, acid processing and hand processing models,” continues the management team.

“In addition, in camouflage models, Aselkon offers “Camo Max5, Timber and Bottomland camouflage models to its customers as a licensed user.

“In the Shotgun group, our Inter, Redstone, Tactical and 3.5” Super Magnum models are highly appreciated by our users. At Aselkon, we thank our users for their intense interest and demands.

“In our PCP and air rifle group, our MX7, MX8 and MX10 products receive positive feedback from our customers,” says the management team.

“Especially, our Bullpup series 'S' models, which have a small and ergonomic design, attract great attention from our customers with their lightness and easily carriable.”

Truly Global

Aselkon Arms exports to more than 40 countries with major groundings in the USA, UK and Canada. The company has a strong chain of importers in European countries such as Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Belgium amongst others.

“Then we have some strong distributors in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan and others. In Arabic regions also such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and other worldwide destinations in South America, Australia and South Africa. 

“As the Covid-19 pandemic hit we continued our production without slowing down by taking our precautions together with our employees at our factory site. In this period when there were no fairs and commercial travels, we continued our uninterrupted communication over the internet with our business partners around the world. By achieving 100 per cent growth in 2020, we were least affected by the negative impact of Covid-19.”


“We reinterpreted the hybrid system with our new "Aselkon S4" model, developed by Aselkon R&D engineers,’ says the management team. “With the hybrid system that we have developed, it works perfectly in any environment. Aselkon S4 will launch very soon. In addition, the "IQ" series, which we will support with electronic R&D, we are developing a system that recognizes the owner, who is the only user in the world that can use the firearm.”

“As you know, defence is one of the basic needs according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs,” says the management team. 

“At Aselkon, we understand that personal defence is an important requirement need, all over the world, especially during COVID-19 times and. Our industry has been positively affected by this process. At Aselkon Arms, we believe that we have a lot more to do in this sector. We continue to work to be the brand that is especially followed in both the PCP group and the Shotgun group, especially with our “IQ” series and customized products.

“We recommend that our users follow our new products and videos and messages from our users on our social media and internet accounts.”