The Anfibia Range by Tasmanian Tiger

The products of the Anfibia Range feature skeletonized construction, seawater resistant materials and drain holes or the use of mesh material for rapid water drainage. The rugged TT Plate Carrier QR SK anfibia MK II is complemented by the replacement front panel TT Carrier Mag Panel MCL anfibia and the magazine pouches TT DBL Mag Pouch MCL anfibia and TT SGL Pistol Mag Pouch MCL anfibia. The lightweight accessory pouch TT Tac Pouch 18 anfibia, specifically designed as a back pouch for the plate carrier, can be used as well as a hydration bladder. The small foldable depot bag TT Dump Pouch anfibia is suitable for storing various utensils and empty magazines.

About Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger is a German premium supplier of military and police equipment. The brand was founded in 1999. From prototype to production, all products are manufactured in the company’s own, SA 8000-certified facilities, thus ensuring a consistently high level of quality throughout the production processes. All products are quality checked prior to leaving the facility and checked regularly by independent international test centers.