Air Arms goes direct

Air Arms is set to transform its distribution model starting June 1st, transitioning from using third-party distributors to managing its retail distribution directly from its manufacturing base in the UK. 

This strategic move is aimed at enhancing service quality, boosting retailers' profit margins, and introducing state-of-the-art digital tools to simplify and improve business interactions.

Claire West, the managing director of Air Arms, expressed excitement about the new direction: “With these changes, we aim to improve service delivery, increase your profit margins, and provide you with cutting-edge tools that will redefine how you engage with us and your customers," she explained. She also took a moment to acknowledge the company's long-standing partners, saying, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Hawke and Rothery’s for their outstanding service to Air Arms and our dealers for over 30 years. The changes we are making are designed to help Air Arms and our partners grow our businesses together and improve the service we provide to our customers.”

The direct supply approach will be supported by a dedicated team, including national account managers, account executives, and customer service representatives, all focused on providing superior support to retailers. 

This strategic shift is expected to remove unnecessary layers from the distribution process, as Claire highlighted: “By cutting out the middle man, Air Arms will be able to supply products to our retailers at lower cost and without reducing quality of service, simply because there are fewer layers of mark up in the pricing.”

This change is also anticipated to lead to quicker restocking times and better communication, enabling retailers to more effectively manage their inventory and anticipate customer demand. In addition to these logistical improvements, Air Arms is developing a new digital system for retailers, which includes launching a new website and trade portal later this year, designed to streamline ordering, tracking, and communication.

Reflecting on the timing and significance of these changes, Claire noted, “As we see the landscape of our industry change and evolve, the time really is right for us to fully embody the Air Arms vision, purpose, and mission.”