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The National Shooting Sports Foundation has modernised its delivery of The Range Report and added a website for its readers, says Glenn Sapir, its editorial services director.


For many recreational shooters and hunters, their first experience with a firearm occurred at a shooting range.

It may have been indoors using a pistol, airgun or even a rimfire or centrefire rifle.

Outdoors, they could have enjoyed similar options and also learnt to break clay birds while honing their shotgunning skills.

These ranges are not only where shooters are born but also where people become more accurate shots while becoming more accustomed to their firearms and ammunition.

It might be where law enforcement personnel heighten their skills, or where sportsmen enjoy meeting on a weekday evening to compete in a friendly league.

The range might be government-owned, or it might be a commercial operation open to the public. Or, the layout might be on a club’s property, available exclusively to its members.

Each of those types of facilities faces its own challenges, and they all can use advice on how to run their ranges better.

The Range Report magazine, published by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), has long been addressing those challenges and offering advice from experts.


Making changes

NSSF, the trade association for the firearm, ammunition, hunting and shooting-sports industry, has now transformed The Range Report, its magazine for shooting facilities, into an exclusively digital publication with the release of its summer 2012 edition.

The magazine appears on a new website, www.rangereport.org. In addition to the current digital magazine, the website also provides a variety of other features, including past issues in digital format; frequently refreshed range news; instant access to specific features and departments; direct e-mail to the magazine’s editor; a link to information on advertising in The Range Report; and advertising/sponsorship opportunities on the website.

“The magazine has a great history as ‘the’ trade magazine for the shooting-range industry, and this next step in its evolution is appropriate as the magazine makes itself more available to more people who thirst for the information the magazine and the website can present,” said Bill Dunn, the NSSF’s managing director of marketing communications.

The reaction from the shooting range community to the magazine and the website was swift and positive.

“A professional and attractive piece of work. This is such a valued read for range operators and future range operators. Nicely done!” commented Robin Ball, the president of Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Spokane, Washington.

“Looks awesome! Great tool for the industry,” wrote Barry Laws, the CEO of Openrange, in Crestwood, Kentucky.


On a mission

The Range Report is a magazine with the mission of helping shooting facilities both operate more economically, environmentally and legally sound and provide their members and customers with the best experience possible.

It is published quarterly, in January, April, July and October. Plans are in place to issue monthly newsletters to promote and supplement the magazine.

People wishing to subscribe for free, and thus receive notice and a link to each new issue, may click on ‘Subscribe’ at the top of the new website’s home page. Prospective advertisers can click on a similarly placed tab.

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