Heated clothing and garments incorporating insect-repellent properties have been identified as new growth markets in the performance apparel industry.

The opportunities for these two new features in clothing are set to enhance the sector, according to the latest edition of Performance Apparel Markets from business-information company Textiles Intelligence.

Heated garments are increasingly in demand for activities in winter. In response to such demand, several new developments have been launched recently.

German company W Zimmermann has developed a unique textile heating system called Novonic Heat, which can be integrated into all types of clothing. USA brand Columbia Sportswear has recently introduced no fewer than 16 separate heating products as part of its Omni-Heat range.

Admittedly, it is not easy to integrate many of the new technologies in established textile or garment lines so the yarns have to be manually inserted and integrated.

Another issue is the ‘washability’ of the garments being produced.

The need for protection against mosquitoes and other predatory insects can be a matter of life and death in many developing countries. In developed countries, by contrast, insect-repellent apparel has been considered something of a luxury.

However, mosquitoes from more southerly latitudes have increasingly been migrating north, presenting a market opportunity for sportswear brands and outdoor-clothing companies.

Burlington has launched No Fly Zone insect-repellent fabric technology, while Columbia Sportswear has a range of insect-repellent products called Insect Blocker, and Craghoppers has a range called Nosilife.


American airgun giant Crosman continues its European development plans with visits to key UK events.

The firm has invested heavily in how it addresses the European market more comprehensively and has put considerable manpower and infrastructure in place for that to happen.

Attendance at this year’s Midland Game Fair and the Tackle & Guns Trade Show were among the strategies from key Crosman Europe personnel, who based themselves on UK distributor ASI’s stand.

Roy Stefanko, Crosman Europe’s vice-president of marketing, was at the Midland Game Fair while regional manager Martin Stelling was at the T&G Show.

ASI boss Edward King said: “ASI UK has been distributing Crosman products for the last few years. We are very encouraged by Crosman’s presence here because the company is driving not just the UK but the whole Europe-wide sector.

“It is putting a lot of resources and a lot of time behind this. It is clearly very encouraging to see that Crosman has identified Europe as a great area of development for what is a great range of products.”

Roy added: “We have shown an increase in our commitment to the European market. It was important for me to come here to gain a better understanding of this market, as we need to know the nuances involved.

“We know a lot about the North American market but we have a bit to learn about Europe and its needs. It is good for me to meet so many UK customers.”


Kahr Arms, whose family of firearm brands includes Magnum Research and Auto Ordnance, has unveiled its Glacier Ridge accessory product line.

The range includes an engineered ambidextrous thumbhole stock for Magnum Research’s MagnumLite Rimfire .22LR rifles and the Ruger 10/22 auto-loader.

USA-manufactured Glacier Ridge replacement stocks are made from polypropylene with fibre additives for maximum strength.

The stock design features a semi-palm swell on both sides of the pistol grip, a high comb for proper scope shooting and a moulded-to-fit rubber butt plate.

According to the company, replacing your current stock with a Glacier Ridge stock requires four easy-to-follow steps – to remove your old stock – then three steps to install the new ambidextrous thumbhole version.

The replacement stock is the first in a series of products that will be offered from Glacier Ridge.

Magnum Research Inc

T: +1 508 635 4273

W: www.magnumresearch.com


The newly released Dirty Bird collection of clothing from Browning has been specially designed for wild and waterfowl hunting.

The range is said to offer complete protection against damp and cold but gives maximum freedom of movement at the same time.

The jacket, in reed camouflage texture, is equipped with large magnetically closed pockets, a Pre-vent membrane and Primaloft insulation.

The adjustable hood and the moisture-stop tape guarantee that it’s watertight.

The trousers are fitted with pockets for holding hand-warmers and fully adjustable bracers and a elegant cap and gloves complete the collection.


Taurus, a global leader in revolver manufacturing, has reaffirmed its commitment to the Boy Scouts of America by backing a key competition.

The BSA South Florida Council Sporting Clays Invitational is a fun-filled day of fellowship and shooting on a 14-station course in Florida.

Taurus USA, which distributes the Brazilian-made Taurus firearms, fielded two teams and also funded the coveted Judge Stage, donating a dove hunt in Argentina for the live auction with Taurus senior management and team captain Jessie Duff, as well as a ‘Taurus Experience’ plant tour.

The Taurus Team included Mark Kresser, its president, who took high individual of 208 shooters with a near perfect 98; David Blenker, the executive vice-president, came third overall with 96; Juli Brayton, the marketing director, and Kimberly Intagliata, the customer service manager, who tied for second lady; along with Aaron and Larry Moore – vendor partners from LaserLyte.

The team took second place (of 52 competing teams) after a dead tie for the lead, ending in a shoot-off.

Proceeds from the event will support South Florida Council’s leadership and character-development programmes looking after more than 32,000 young people.

David said: “It is an honor to support an organisation such as the Boy Scouts of America and I would like to thank all of the gun industry sponsors for their ongoing commitment.

“Taurus embraces this relationship in developing positive core values in today’s generation as they discover and develop a lifelong passion for the shooting sports.”


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