ATA Adopts Bylaws Change

At its April meeting, the Archery Trade Association’s board of directors adopted a bylaws change that impacts which archery equipment can be displayed or advertised at the ATA Trade Show. These changes take effect immediately, which means the 2018 ATA Trade Show will be governed by these bylaws.

The specific change states:

“By way of further definition, a bow is considered a Product if it uses a limb and string system to propel an arrow.  Any bow that does not meet this definition is not considered a Product, and may not be displayed or advertised in any way at the Corporation’s Trade Show.”

The change is an extension of the archery equipment definitions the ATA Technical Committee developed in 2016, adopted by the ATA board of directors and currently available on the Position Statements page of the ATA website. The position statement on airguns that shoot arrows states in part: “The ATA was asked by its members and representatives of state wildlife agencies for its opinion regarding whether airguns that shoot arrows constitute archery equipment. While the ATA certainly recognizes that airguns that shoot arrows are innovative pieces of shooting equipment, these types of airguns nevertheless lack basic components of standard archery equipment (e.g., a string system and limbs). For this reason, the ATA does not consider airguns that shoot arrows to be archery equipment.”

“We look forward to working with all exhibitors to minimize any potential problems regarding exhibiting at the 2018 Trade Show,” said ATA president and CEO Jay McAninch. “This is why we’re providing information and guidance well in advance of the Show.”

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