Chiappa charges Rhino with additions

Chiappa Firerarms’ Rhino .357 Magnum has been boosted with a series of improvements and additions.

Made at its factory in Azzano Mella, Italy, the gun’s cylinder is machined to make it possible to use the gun both with and without moon clips.

This upgrade of the revolver has not, however, led to any price increase, despite its sporting success.

Rino Chiappa, the president of the Chiappa Group, explained: “I’m happy with what we are demonstrating with the Rhino revolver.

“Since production started, we have consistently provided technical improvements and added some accessories in the package, such as a leather holster with the 2in model and the .357 moon clips plus a tool to unhook empty shells.

“The range of accessories has been increased, with different grips and holsters, and a flexible trigger performance kit. Most importantly, our Rhino has gained great fame and good positions in competitions.

“But despite all this, and despite demand currently exceeding our capacity, we have not increased the price, pursuing our decision to offer an exceptional gun at a ‘democratic’ price, to make it available to the most people possible.”

Other changes include a ‘conversion kit’, which is a set of three components structured in an ingenious way.

By varying the composition of the hammer lever, trigger return lever and main spring choosing between standard components and the modified version, a series of up to five combinations can be produced, allowing, for example, a different trigger weight and return speed of the trigger.

The performance of both single and double action is optimised to the desired purpose by using the most suitable cartridge, too.


Chiappa Firearms

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