Hanus heads team producing Bergara rifles

BPI Outdoors is looking to a former marine as it puts Bergara Custom Rifles into production, making them available for sale to the public.

Last July, BPI engaged former Marine Corps master sergeant Dan Hanus to head the Custom Rifle Shop for its Bergara USA division.

Dan, a veteran of 22 years, has overseen production of many rifles over his time in the military.

Bergara is currently best known for its gun barrels, being an original-equipment supplier to numerous well-known firearm brands, both in Europe and the USA.

Dan said: “Our company has seen impressive growth with our Bergara barrels over the last few years and we have developed a well-deserved reputation for quality and precision. What we do here at the Bergara Custom Shop is build a rifle around the Bergara barrel that will fully complement its accuracy potential.”

Although the custom Bergara action will likely be the most popular, a customer may also choose to have a gun built around an action that they already own.

Dan added: “While the true Bergara Custom Rifle is certainly our main focus, we are also a full service shop. So, we can do everything from a simple re-barrel job, to stock fitting, installing muzzle brakes, and even wood-stock finishing and chequering. Really, any degree of work the customer wants us to do for his Bergara barreled rifle, we can do it.”

The product line will consist of five basic models, all of which can be custom modified by the consumer to meet individual preferences.



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