Hollywood uses Cabot Guns help

High-end American pistol manufacturer Cabot Guns has been retained as a firearms consultant for a feature-film project by Academy Award-nominated director Lexi Alexander.

The Hollywood director and writer is planning a new film surrounding a complex assassination game involving several wealthy businessmen. As Alexander begins working the pieces into place to develop her next film, she selected Cabot Guns’ president Rob Bianchin to supply firearms advice.

She came across the firm while touring the National Rifle Association National Convention in St Louis in April 2012. With the entire gun industry on display, the boutique pistols produced in Pennsylvania caught Alexander’s eye.

She has a reputation for attention to detail in films like Punisher War Zone, where the director used the look of the firearms to further portray the protagonist.

This new project will show off beautiful handcrafted guns of exceptional quality. Cabot Guns believes it fits the profile perfectly.

“The people at Cabot Guns are a rare breed of geniuses and artists in a vast gun world,” says Alexander.

Rob Bianchin is excited to be involved in the project.

“It’s an honour to showcase our 100 per cent American-made pistols in a film directed by the talented Lexi Alexander.

“Crafting extraordinary firearms is what drives us. She’s challenged us to further develop guns that are both aesthetically stunning and technically extraordinary. We are using technology to build handguns in a way that has not been done before.”


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