Chiappa reveals handgun replica

Chiappa Firearms continues the successful series of rimfire replicas, with the M9-22 now in production.

A tribute to the legendary Beretta semi-automatic pistol, the M9-22 is reproduced with the highest possible fidelity, considering the change of calibre from the original 9x19mm Parabellum to the economical and versatile .22 LR.

The M9-22 features all the details of the original, including the technical setting and the position of the controls but employs a different operation system (simple blowback instead of locked breech).

Weight, total length and barrel length correspond to the original model, even if the recoil is virtually nonexistent.

Meanwhile, the disassembly procedure essentially corresponds to the original, making it a good alternative for training with the original weapon, in addition to being a useful tool for plinking and basic training.

The M9-22 is made entirely of metal, with all components are made in the modern factory at Azzano Mella in the province of Brescia, and guarantee a perfect interchangeability.

It is available in two versions: a standard, with simple iron sights and either wood or plastic grips, or a tactical model with black plastic grips, sights with fibre optic inserts and fully adjustable, Novak-style rear sight.


Chiappa Firearms

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