Barrel growth boost NZ maker

Specialist New Zealand manufacturer Hardy Rifle Engineering has released a full range of match-grade barrels and is looking for distributors keen to take them on.

Hardy Rifle Engineering has been fortunate to have the specialist skill set and expertise of Lee Tomlinson, a precision barrel manufacturer from the United Kingdom, previously of Border Barrels.

Lee brought with him more than 12 years’ experience in the barrel-manufacturing industry, with clientele including domestic and international markets, the military, Olympic teams and ammunition manufacturers.

Lee was a successful target shooter and achieved two first places in the Great Britain World F Class Team Championship in 2009 and the European F Class Championship 2012. He also brings a wealth of knowledge and proprietary trade secrets to produce these elite, precision barrels.

Hardy Rifle Engineering combined Lee’s acumen with a considerable amount of research, development and testing to produce world-class competition-winning results, including both match-grade and carbon-wrapped match-grade barrels.

Hardy’s carbon-wrapped barrels are manufactured using low-resin, high-strength, pre-impregnated carbon cloth, bound together with nanotechnology.

The cloth used is far from normal carbon material, giving a very different result from that of other products.

When combined with the patented nanotech interwound bonding layer it changes the behaviour of the carbon laminate, thanks to its unique ability to make the laminate react to harmonic stress as a complete unit as opposed to normal laminate, which reacts layer by layer.

As a result, the barrel harmonics are said to be dampened to such a high degree that it results in an extreme level of shot to shot consistency and heat dissipation.

Combine this level of carbon technology with world-class match-grade barrels and the firm believes it is on to a winner that distributors around the world will be interested in.

Hardy Rifle Engineering was founded in early 2006 by Daniel Hardy during his military career in the New Zealand army as an armourer and weapons engineer. By the following December he had left the military to run the company full time.

Over the years it has gone from strength to strength, developing world-class rifle suppressors to match-grade barrels. It has now expanded to 10 staff with various backgrounds, qualifications and skill sets.


Hardy Rifle Engineering

T: +64 6 329 6900

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