Plano brings wartime classic back to life

American storage and protective-case giant Plano can be seen as innovators and there’s nothing it likes more than improving on old classics. Here, the company introduces the Ammo Can, a classic given the 21st century revamp.


To the sportsman and military veteran alike, it’s iconic. They line the workbenches of countless man caves, containing everything from mismatched nuts and bolts to actual ammunition. Yes, the original post-World War II, .50-calibre M2A1 ammo can is a coveted classic. Returned with war heroes; purchased game-worn at surplus stores; or found brand spanking new at sporting-goods merchants – the familiar metal olive drab box is time-tested.

There are, however, two major complications with the military issue tin box. For one, they’re not always readily available for purchase and, two, they’re pretty darn bulky, built with consideration for storing ammo, certainly not the task of transportation.

For these reasons, Plano introduces its version of the Ammo Can. It, like the original, is predicated on maximising cargo space and offering infallible protection of its contents.

Plano’s Ammo Can generously houses six boxes of 23/4in or 3in shotgun shells. Pack it with a hunt’s worth of rifle or pistol ammo and there’s still ample room for ear protection, shooting glasses, calls, handwear or whatever accessories you take to the field or shooting range.

The trustworthy Ammo Can offers heavy-duty features on the outside as well. A beefy handle fits comfortably in your paw, while a robust latch keeps the lid at bay and prevents dust and moisture from entering.


Ammo Can


Model 171200

•           No Tray/O Ring

•           Holds Six Boxes Of 23/4in Or 3in Shells

•           Exterior 133/4in x 7in x 83/4in

•           Interior 111/4in x 51/2in x 7in

This isn’t your grandaddy’s ammo can. Well, actually it is… now just easier to transport and available without re-enlisting.




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