Plano - Bone Collector Sportsman Trunk

Plano has teamed up with leading hunting brand Bone Collector to create a line of specialty trunks.

Purposefully designed, the Sportsman’s Trunk will house a hunt’s worth of equipment. Use one for your deer-hunting outfit, binoculars, ammo, hunters’ orange, stash of food and much, much more. Pack another exclusively for waterfowling, with calls, shells, camou, face paint and another selection of food.

The moulded trunk locks and loads like a shipping container. Oversized latches clamp down a fully removable lid, which snugs firmly on its hinges when you want it opening and closing like a treasure chest. The lid and base are moulded with grooves, too, for sturdy stacking. There’s even a pair of wheels for easy transportation.


Plano Molding


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